Jobs Classifieds – Find Your Perfect Career

In this horrendous economic climate, jobs are scarce. No one has job security and it has never been more evident in modern times than today. Checking jobs classifieds daily is perhaps the only way to find something to help pay the bills.

After a few months of unemployment most of us are happy to find and take anything that pays more than unemployment. It’s certainly not helping our chosen career, but there are other things at stake sometimes other than meeting our five year goal. We need to pay the rent, eat, and make sure the car doesn’t get repossessed. Sometimes that means giving up our hopes for the fabulous job were hoping for, and just looking for paycheck.

In situations like this, jobs can be found online, in the local newspapers, on bulletin boards, and even on signs as we walk down Main St. Or through the local mall. Unlike the networking we have all been taught is the best way to find the career enhancing employment we’d like, sometimes we need to focus on whether we are going to eat tomorrow rather than worrying about our title in five years.

Classifieds come in many varieties and in many genres. Newspapers have classified that are placed by large companies, small businesses and even sole proprietors. The smaller the ad, chances are the lower the salary and the more insignificant the job. However, that’s not necessarily the rule, and even some small ads do have good jobs to offer.

Find classifieds that at least have a job description you can understand, and connect with a real phone number, not a recording telling you how you can finally make your fortune working at home.

In any case, you will still need to prove you are a viable candidate. In situations where you are applying for a position much lower than you had, this can be tough.

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